Cannabis companies use metaverse to promote products

Cannabis companies use metaverse to promote products

It is growing among companies cannabis of the United States the use of immersive virtual environments for advertising purposes. Companies use the resource to promote products, set up shops, sell NFTs (non-expendable tokens) and real world assets.

EL Higher Life CBD Dispensary LLC collaborated with the Saucey Farms & Extracts LLC to open a store on the platform voxels. O virtual establishment started operating in December 2021.


Saucey Farms occupies the first floor of the store with Higher Life in Voxels

in the event that Superior Life, products are not ordered directly from the virtual space. The store has an imitation of a cash register that takes the consumer to the company’s website to make their purchases. EL Granges Saucey also adopted the same system, but for goods without cannabis.


By clicking on the cash register, the consumer goes to the Higher Life website to purchase products

In an interview with Wall Street Journalthe CEO of Superior LifeBrandon Howard said about 100,000 people visit the store voxels daily. already the Granges Saucey did not sell many articles to visitors to the virtual universe, according to co-founder Alex Todd. However, the results are expected to change as more users enter the metaverse.

The disclosure of Granges Saucey in the virtual environment is supported by the sale of NFTs. Another brand that uses this strategy is Kandy girl.

EL Kandy girl land acquired on the platform decentral i in December 2021 with the aim of promoting the company and selling NFTs. Users of the virtual universe acquire laptops (elements to personalize the look of the avatars) accompanied by totems, such as wings resembling the leaves of the cannabis.


Kandy Girl shop in Decentraland

So far, NFT sales a decentral i raised about $ 30,000 (R $ 143.2 thousand), according to the Kandy girl. However, the company’s director of marketing, Ben Boyce, believes that there are not enough users in the virtual environment to take brand promotion strategies to the next level.

The rules on cannabis they vary between metavers platforms. For example, the Roblox Corp.. prohibits the discussion or promotion of illegal activities. EL sandbox does not accept materials classified as illegal. At worlds on the horizonof Meta, marijuana content is not allowed.

In the United States, the cannabis is decriminalized in some states. Others legalized the use of the plant.

EL decentral i created tools on its platform to regulate the marketing of cannabis. Businesses cannot serve, for example, users in countries where marijuana is banned.

EL voxels it only allows companies to create simulations on the platform. the sale of cannabis and consumer products a “real world” It is not allowed.

In the opinion of Isabelle Danelo, journalist and director of Agência ComunikAê !, the advantage of metavers for cannabiscompared to Facebook and Instagram, it is the launch to promote such products.

Like the worlds on the horizonMeta social media also has restrictions on the delivery of ads on cannabis.

Goal guidelines determine what: [não é permitido] buy or sell non-medicinal or pharmaceutical drugs. In addition, we remove content that is intended to give, give away, solicit, negotiate, or coordinate the negotiation of non-medicinal drugs, as well as content that supports personal use (except in the context of rehabilitation). or coordinating or promoting the use of non-medicinal drugs..

About digital marketing for companies in different sectors, said Danelo Power 360: “Social media will continue to exist. The important thing is to be present on all possible and unimaginable platforms so as not to be seen. I believe that metavers is a complement to the virtual world we live in. ”.


The CEO of fintech Vitreo, George Wachsmann, believes that metavers will become the most used tool by companies in general, not just companies. cannabis. “I think people will spend more time on metavers in the same way they spend more time on social media today.”he said to Power 360.

However, João Vitor Rodrigues, professor of digital marketing at the ESPM (School of Propaganda and Marketing), says that, in this first moment, the initial steps of what will be the structure of the metavers are observed. “It simply came to our notice then [etapa de] improving brand and reputation ”dit.

Rodrigues says another point is investing in the platform. According to the professor, metavers require a high financial investment, which is not feasible for small and medium-sized businesses. Likewise, users’ access to the virtual environment is segmented by the value of the equipment for total immersion, which also translates into a small target audience.

Alexia Oliveira, a digital marketing specialist at Lex Digital Agency, said that currently using metavers to promote brands and products is not entirely viable. However, he believes that the platform offers a “different and realistic” to the customer compared to social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

“In the metavers, because the idea is to unite the physical with the virtual, the customer will have an avatar and the seller as well. The service is more humane. A completely different and attractive experience for companies and customers “he said to Power 360.


O metavers it can be summed up as an immersive virtual environment capable of reproducing real-life experiences. is related He World Wide Webbut it brings together elements of social media, augmented reality, online gaming, and cryptocurrencies.

This universe is Meta’s new bet, before Facebook.

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