Converted!  Now begins the year of decisions for Cristiano Ronaldo: the future in America, life in Cascais and the murder of “football leaks” – The Mag

Converted! Now begins the year of decisions for Cristiano Ronaldo: the future in America, life in Cascais and the murder of “football leaks” – The Mag

When, exactly one week ago, Cristiano Ronaldo received the news that Las Vegas court judge Jennifer Dorsey had had filed the alleged rape lawsuit filed by Kathryn Mayorga, a new page has passed into the life of the ace. Certainly, CR7 will have taken a deep breath and figured out what he was coming for: being able to travel back to the United States and do business there, clean up his public image after the accusations and exposure of his private life, and of course, save the 23.6 million euros that Mayorga asked him for compensation.

This is the woman who accuses Cristiano Ronaldo of rape

CR7 responded to nothing that was decided. Neither he nor any of his relatives. He limited himself to posting a photo on his social media that could not better symbolize his return to the “American dream”, in the middle of summer, in which he appears, dressed in a jacket with a naked torso, next to his wife Georgina, accompanied just a heart … Yes: Cristiano “is back and better.”

Georgina Rodríguez and Cristiano Ronaldo
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In fact, the decision to close the case was already predictable since last year.when the magistrate Daniel Albregts sent an opinion to the judge arguing that Mayorga’s lawyer “he acted in bad faith to the detriment of his client and his profession. ” Because? The magistrate replies: to “receive and use ‘Football Leaks’ documents to advance the case”.

It is at this point that it is worth going back in time. In 2017, the German newspaper Der Spigel published a long article entitled ‘O secreto de Ronaldo’ based on documents from the ‘Football Leaks’ investigation – yes, the same one that was made public thanks to Portuguese hacker Rui Pinto. In this matter, among other economic issues, conversations were revealed between the player’s lawyers, on the Mayorga case and the moment when the American agreed to withdraw the charges against Cristiano Ronaldo and sign a confidentiality agreement in exchange for the (then insignificant) sum of 354,644 euros. We’re talking about August 2010, a year after the “Las Vegas Hotel Room episode.”

A penthouse for alleged rape in Las Vegas costs 4 thousand euros per night. all images

It has now been the conversations about the case, made public in the documents of the ‘football leaks’ that have now come to the discussion, with the judge, as the magistrate, considering that these are “stolen confidential documents” and justifying thus the conduct of the lawyer as inappropriate. of Mayorga, when using them for the defense of the client. That is, after the calculations, The American’s lawyer was increased, the judge considered that it had not been verified that there had been any coercion by the ace’s lawyers for Mayorga to accept the 300 thousand euros in 2010 and on the alleged violation of the Las Vegas hotel room. – or rather, on consensual sex or not, the court has not ruled. End of story, archived papers, we continue.


But does the Mayorga case really end here? In theory, the American can appeal the sentence. But with a magistrate’s report, a judge’s sentence, and the public humiliation of his lawyers, he is unlikely to do so. Ronaldo has always denied the allegations made against him, arguing that what happened behind closed doors was consensual. He even made a statement in which he considered the violating an “abominable crime” and reiterating his innocence. Now tried by the courts.

So what’s up? And what does this “acquittal” imply from the above arguments?

Starting the answer at the end, the shelf of the case, for Mayorga, is once again synonymous with the #metoo “cause”. It should be noted that the American is presenting the new demand for the ace at a time when the #metoo movement was living a golden age in the United States, with several cases of sexual harassment and abuse that have been revealed. The most widespread were allegations against one of Hollywood’s most famous producers, Harvey Weinstein reported to the New York press in 2017 – at the same time as the Mayorga case is revealed.

Complaints were made about allegations, on the shield of this movement, powerful names fell into disgrace. Voices (including female voices, such as Catherine Deneuve) spoke out against the “witch hunt” that took place in that period, but only later, especially with the pandemic, did the movement lose strength. The “end” of the Mayorga case and the discrediting of the process is once again against the #metoo and the denunciation by men and women of flirting or non-consensual sex.

On the other hand, when Judge Jennifer Dorsey considers the documents that are part of the investigation into the ‘football leaks’ to be invalid and also considers them ‘stolen’, she inevitably opens the discussion on other processes. in which the same documents can be used, especially in the context of the crime of “white collar”. Are we therefore faced with a decision that may make jurisprudence and weaken other investigations? This is an open question.


There was a time when Ronaldo went out a lot in New York… with Irina Shayk, before her romance begins, in the city that never sleeps. There was a time when flirted with Paris Hilton at nightclubs in Las Vegas, just before Mayorga’s “incident.” There was still a time when he owned an apartment in New York’s sumptuous Trump Tower and he dreamed of investing in that country that transformed the already millionaire David Beckham into a super entrepreneur investing in football, tourism, real estate and who knows what else. CR7 even planned its future with investments in Florida, but with the restrictions that limited its access to the United States for years, the dream was postponed. A dream that can now come true.

Ronaldo: Donald Trump’s most famous neighbor

The road to America is open again. Ronaldo can even visit the hotel with his name … CR7 Tab, which opened last year in Times Square, New Yorkand where it has not yet been able to be.

Take a look at the pictures of the new CR7 hotel in New York

In fact, taking care of business and investment is something that cannot be left behind this year, which seems to have started again or, perhaps, to define the increasingly present future. In November, he plays the World Cup in Qatar with the shirt of Portugal – that could be your last. And it is to bring the trophy to Portugal and its curriculum that has no comparison, but still does not have this feat: to win a World Cup. As for next time at Manchester United (where after all he wasn’t happy) everything is seemingly quiet, although that could change at any time given the ace’s disappointment.

There are those who speak of a possible return to Portugal – the greatest desire of Mother Dolors – and therefore the complete gas construction of a “giant” mansion in Quinta da Marinha, which, according to the British Daily Mail this week, has already “doubled” its value so that all security measures can be guaranteed. necessary for the ace and his family.

That is, everything is open to start being closed, at will and according to the will of Cristiano: business around the world (now America included), moving to Cascais and until, where and until when he will continue to play football. That he is fit, no one doubts, that the selection needs him much less. But even superheroes have to think about the future, and CR7 does it … discreetly.

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