Does your collection of apps ask for news?  Don’t miss the new temporary “gifts” from Google and Apple – Apps

Does your collection of apps ask for news? Don’t miss the new temporary “gifts” from Google and Apple – Apps

Thinking of those looking for new apps to test on their smartphone or tablet over the weekend, the SAPO TEK team offers you a new selection of temporary “gifts” from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

For a lively weekend we offer you several games, including titles that are back for free for a limited time this week, including role-playing games, puzzles, space shooting games, and a hint for fans of the popular Wordle. There is also room for application that will help you give a more creative touch to your photos.

The applications we present to you generally have one free period of four to six days, although it may be more limited in some casesas in the first two “gifts” from the Play Store, where you only have one more day to enjoy them before they return to their original price.


Neo Monsters – Original price – 0.50 euros

Neo Monsters is a title that mixes the mechanics of role-playing games with elements of a strategy game, bringing with it Pokémon-style virtual monsters. In it, you will have to put teams of virtual monsters in battles and combine their skills to defeat your opponents. At Neo Monsters you have the opportunity to explore a vast world and capture more than 1,000 creatures, whose skills can be improved through training and special items.

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Grow Spaceship VIP – Original price – 1.79 euros

For lovers of space shooting games we propose Grow Spaceship VIP. In this title, your mission is to control your own fleet of spaceships, defeating various enemies along the way. Because this is the VIP version of the game, you receive a special bonus of 500 gems, which you can use to upgrade your fleet of ships. .

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PUSH – Original price – 0.99 euros

If you like challenging puzzles, PUSH is an option to consider. The goal of this game, where there is no score or time limit, is to click on various buttons until you manage to find the solutions to the puzzles that arise.

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Tap Legend Premium – Original price – 0.59 euros

Tap Legend Premium is a role-playing game where players have the mission to lead a team of heroes, fight enemies and collect special items that allow them to improve the skills of the protagonists. In this Premium version of the title, you are entitled to a special bonus that includes a new hero for your team, 2,000 gold pieces and 100 diamonds.

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Timing Hero PV: Retro Fighting Action RPG – Original price – 3.69 euros

Still in the world of role-playing games, Timing Hero PV stands out for its more “retro” look, reminiscent of Game Boy 8-bit images. In this title, you will have to control a team of three heroes, each with unique abilities and powers, fighting enemies in turn. As you defeat your opponents, you have the chance to get gold, which can be used to improve the team of heroes.

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Chess ace – Original price – 1.99 euros

Combine chess with card games? In Chess Ace it is possible. In this title you can find several challenges that promise to make your neurons work together to find solutions. In addition to solo matches, Chess Ace can play against other players from around the world.

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Wordlito – Original price – 0.99 euros

Have you tried Wordle and are looking for alternative games inspired by the popular title? In Wordlito you have to guess words with five letters in six attempts or less. Here you can choose the level of difficulty and, to help you, the game gives you some clues. With the support of the VoiceOver screen reader, Wordlito can be played by people with visual impairments or disabilities.

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SPHAZE: Science fiction puzzle game – Original price – 1.99 euros

SPHAZE is a fantasy and sci-fi world exploration game where players are challenged to find their way through mazes, guided by robots throughout their adventures and solving challenging puzzles that will test their reflexes. .

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13 years – Original price – 1.99 euros

13’s is a proposal for those who like the most relaxing puzzles, and can be played by both children and adults. In this game, the goal is to drag several pieces with numbers on a board. The sum of the different columns and rows must always result in the number 13.

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PXL – mosaic art – Original price – 3.99 euros

To close our selection of “free” this week, we bring you an application designed for those who like to impress their followers on social media. PXL lets you turn photos into artistic mosaics and gives you the option to share them directly on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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