Everton was one of the many failures: zerozero.pt

Everton was one of the many failures: zerozero.pt

Mozer, Ricardo Gomes, Aldair, Valdo or Isaiah. Benfica and “their” Brazilians. A story with legendary outlines, which the last decade has also been able to tell: Luisão i Jonah in the head, with Lima, Julius Caesar, Ederson, garden i Siqueira to appear in the list of “disappeared” Brazilians who, due to their football and / or human quality, marked Luz’s fans.

However, and since 2011/2012, there is an increasingly undeniable record: not all Brazilians wearing the eagle T-shirt knew how to live up to their legacy. In fact, there were more, many more who were disappointed in every way than the seven names listed above.

In the last 10 seasons, there have been 36 players Terra de Vera Cruz natives representing Benfica. In addition to the seven “stars” there are seven more names which, for different reasons (injury, youth, neutrality …), do not fall into any of the assessments: Lucas Verissimo, moratorium, Rodrigo Pinho, Gilberto, Artur Moraes, Carlos Vinicius i Bruno Cesar. And then there are the others … 22.

The failed and anonymous stars

Gabigol also despaired of Luz Getty /

The list of Brazilians who have passed through the Estadio da Luz in the last 10 years is long and impressive without any Benfica fans remembering them with nostalgia. Some arrived as anonymously as they left, others came with the “crack” label and walked out the small door. Everton chivesfor example, it is the last of its kind, where the name of Gabriel BarbosaO Gabigol.

With much less “portfolio” when they arrived in the Portuguese capital, but with the same luck of failure, there are cases of Julius Caesar Jacobi, Emerson, Luis Felipe, Danilo Barbosa, Philip Augustus, Michel, Bruno Cortez, marçal, Caesar, Victor Andrade, Marcelo Hermes, derley i Alan Kardec. Almost none played more than a dozen games for Benfica, with the exception of Emerson, Derley, Filipe Augusto and Kardec; most “disappeared” without a trace.

Seven “special” cases.

Caio Lucas passed Benfica Getty /

There are still the cases of seven more players who, for various reasons, deserve another analysis of the “why” of not having succeeded in Luz. Helton Leitefor example, he is still one of the goalkeepers in the squad, but after a brief stellar period in 2020/2021 he seems to be definitely doomed to have no impact on Benfica.

In addition to the guardian, too Gabriel Appelt he remains contractually tied to the Eagles, despite being on loan last season. The midfielder, who deserved many opportunities, never got the unanimity between coaches and fans, so the final farewell is a matter of time.

Gaius Lucas, Pedrinho i Douglas. The first two to be names with status in Brazil, the last to come from FC Barcelona. Three names that promised that an eagle would hit the chest but that ended up leaving without fame or glory. The same can be said of the last two names: Talisca i Sydney. But these, with a difference. They played many matches with Benfica. The midfielder, who represented the Eagles between 2014 and 2016, played 78 games, the defender, who was linked with the Reds for five seasons (2008 – 2015), reached 75. But neither one nor the other the other fit the imagination of Benfica fans. today.

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