In the age of technology, Lucas’ OAB is the first in the country with a virtual headquarters in the metavers

In the age of technology, Lucas’ OAB is the first in the country with a virtual headquarters in the metavers

The OAB subsection of Lucas do Rio Verde, which also covers the cities of Tapurah and Itanhangá, ‘inaugurates’ this Monday (20) its virtual headquarters in the metavers. In a pioneering way, the entity is the first subsection of the country with a virtual headquarters. The metavers can be defined as a network of virtual worlds, trying to simulate reality, with a focus on social connection.

The idea to create the headquarters came from the Innovation and Technology Commission of the 21st OAB / MT. The chairman of the commission, lawyer Guilherme Tabile, points out that the metavers is on the rise. The subsection has won the View 3D Studio project and was unveiled this Monday.

“It is very disturbing to organize an event, to be the first in Brazil. Open your eyes to new possibilities, new right niches. Several lawyers graduate annually and have this false feeling of not having more space to work. However, technology creates niches and possibilities for the lawyer to study in different fields “, commented Tabile.

Recent research indicates that by 2026, at least 25% of people will spend at least an hour in the metavers, performing the most varied tasks, whether buying products or entertainment. “We are talking about 2 or 3 billion people in 4 years. It is the future and we must be prepared for it “, he pointed out.

OAB in the metavers

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The president of the OAB subsection, lawyer Danusa Oneda, points out that the virtual world brings people even closer, allowing for new experiences. He considered the inauguration of the virtual headquarters, which reconstructed the OAB’s physical headquarters in great detail, to be epic. “We are proud to be pioneers in our inland subsection, which includes Tapurah and Itanhangá, embraced by our section,” he said. “Dubai has already been studying prototypes of courts that will serve globally. In due proportion, we really need to be immersed in that.”

Oneda also recalled that the pandemic forced the advancement of technology in the labor relations of lawyers. Due to health restrictions, hearings began to be held remotely. “When the pandemic was weakening, because unfortunately we are not yet completely free of it, we could no longer leave the stage of the virtual audience. The hybrid field has already become a reality,” he said.

The insertion of the metaverse should have a direct impact on people’s routine. The chairman of the OAB subsection believes that meetings will soon be held in remote settings. “We have young lawyers in Itanhangá who do not know the headquarters of our subsection. And they will literally know why the virtual projection of our headquarters was identified, it’s like entering our physical headquarters, only in the virtual field. It is important that we make it clear, without any legal result, we have not yet entered this field. Everything is symbolic “, said Danusa, believing that the meetings will soon be legal.


The ‘inauguration’ of the virtual headquarters was also marked by the inclusion of the OAB of Lucas do Rio Verde in the list of institutions that are part of the Cerrado Innovation Alliance (AIC).

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