Is it worth using the beta version of iOS 16?  Understand how everything works

Is it worth using the beta version of iOS 16? Understand how everything works

Last week, it happened 2022 World Developers Conference, which is an annual Apple conference. He announced the launch of the iOS 16which consists of a new version of the iPhone operating system.

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Improvements introduced for this new release include new features in Live Text, a lock screen redesign, and changes to iMessage.

As a result, users were very anxious to have the new operating system and even increased the beta searches for the update.

Is it worth downloading this version?

Understand below how the beta version of iOS 16 works and if it’s a good idea to download it.

First, the beta version of the operating system is released to developers so that applications and technologies can be adapted. After a certain time of testing by the technicians, the use is released to the public, who will test the new features and give comments. With this, Apple can resolve recurring errors.

To be able to test these versions, you must have a developer account or be part of the App Beta program and download the development version. To be part of this program you must register on the website and have a device compatible with the upgrade.

In general, the public beta update comes out a month after the developer release. These two groups are within the official programs of Apple, but there is another way to download the update, which is through the beta profile of iOS. This is an unofficial website, which allows the download for any user, however, as it is not an official version, there are no security guarantees.

Also, even in the official versions of Apple, the beta update may introduce some bugs, which will probably be fixed for the final version. Issues such as slowness – which is common in the testing phase -, forced application shutdowns and even faster battery consumption will be found mainly at the start of beta testing.

A journalist, a user of an earlier beta version, reported that he had to reset his phone after it stopped answering completely during a call. Because of this, he lost all his files.

Tests with iOS 16 beta proved to be very stable, without a lot of crashes and bugs, although the lock screen showed a bit of slowness. But the same cannot be said of the battery, which seems to heat up a lot more.

Once you know this, it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth using the beta or not. The important thing is to know that after this testing phase, all users will receive the update, this time without errors or instabilities.

If you choose to install the beta version, back up your files first so that you don’t lose them in the event of a problem. To do this, click Settings and then your name. Select the “iCloud” option and then the “iCloud Backup” option. Now, just enable this option and your files will be protected!

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