Learn about Metaverse-linked cryptocurrencies and asset success

Learn about Metaverse-linked cryptocurrencies and asset success

Ponta Grossa, June 13, 2022, by Lorena Rogenski ─ Get to know him cryptocurrencies linked to metavers, and find out which ones have gained more prominence among investors in recent times. To better understand this topic, today the Ex-Negative Guide will present the main cryptocurrencies of the metavers.

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Cryptocurrencies linked to metavers

At cryptocurrencies linked to metavers and games were the most appreciated assets in 2021. The Gala token, for example, showed a jump of 52,000%, drawing the attention of several investors in the market.

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Due to the new market trend, experts believe that these cryptocurrencies will continue to increase in the coming years. According to Estadão, the play-to-earn system is successful in the video game industry.

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That is, as players win by playing, it is possible to use this balance to advance in the game. This shows the relationship built between games and cryptocurrencies, showing a high profitability in the market.

Cryptocurrencies linked to metavers
Learn about Metaverse-linked cryptocurrencies and asset success. Photo: Canva Pro

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What is the most promising currency of the metavers?

The metavers is currently in the spotlight of the financial market. This is due to the fact that in recent months, this concept has emerged from the pages of science fiction and has gained a large space in the investment world.

Most investors are looking for metaverse digital currency alternatives to apply. The reason for this research is related to the great potential of these assets.

After all, these cryptocurrencies can be used in electronic games, but they are also of great value in the real world. Because it is a witness, users can freely transfer it to the digital world.

The main digital currencies of the metavers are: MANA (Decentraland), SAND (The Sandbox) and ALICE (My Neighbor Alice). If you want to invest in these assets, the first step is to open a digital wallet and enter a balance to complete the transactions.

How much is a metavers worth?

ETP Metaverse is down this week. The current price of this asset is US $ 0.04695 per ETP.

That is, the Metaverse ETP is 99.25% below its all-time high, which reached $ 6.24.

Metavers, what is it?

In the beginning, Metavers is a kind of 3D universe, where there are several interconnected worlds. This technology uses two universes in one: virtual reality and augmented reality. In other words, Metavers functions as a parallel world.

To introduce themselves, users use specific avatars, connecting and sharing experiences. If you’re interested in connecting to Metaverse, use an electronic device such as a computer, video game, or smartphone.

Also, be aware that it is important for this device to provide a complete virtual experience, such as augmented reality glasses and headphones. Although this virtual universe has not fully developed, it is now possible to enjoy unique experiences.

This immersion takes place in electronic games, mainly in online environments, or with participation in a virtual economy. It is possible to acquire these tokens by selling NFT and digital currencies from the metavers.

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