Metaverse proposes immortality using Live Forever mode

Metaverse proposes immortality using Live Forever mode

Through personal information, the company Somnium Space is developing a way to immortalize our loved ones after their death. For this to happen, large amounts of private and unique data will be needed.

The end of human life has historically produced various feelings, especially those that can lead to serious illness. Feelings of sadness affect family members in the relationship with the sick relative at the time of farewell.

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Personal information will help create the avatar of the deceased

With this in mind, Somnium Space CEO and founder Artur Sychov began to wonder if there was any way children could talk to some of their relatives even after they left. “The news of my father’s illness devastated me,” he said. He added: “It crossed my mind because the time I spent with him was limited.”

Sychov’s father’s death inspired an idea he would later call Live Forever mode, a future feature of Somnium Space that allows people to store their movements and conversations as data. They then duplicate themselves as an avatar that moves, speaks, sounds like a person, and can continue to do so long after the date of death. In Sychov’s dream, people will be able to talk to their dead loved one whenever they want.

Artur Sychov, CEO and founder of Somnium Space, came up with the idea

“Literally, if I die, and I have this data collected, people or my children can come in and talk to my avatar, my movements, my voice,” the visionary said. Artur Sychov added: “You will meet the person. And maybe for the first 10 minutes while talking to him, he wouldn’t know that it’s actually artificial intelligence (AI). That’s the goal.”

For Sychov, this is the kind of potential innovation that makes metavers a new field of human experience worth investing in. “They think it’s about selling NFT and brands that sell their products, but it’s not about that,” he maintained. He continued: “It’s much deeper.”

The platform created by Somnium Space is compatible with earphones virtual reality devices that are currently on the market. To increase immersion, the company has partnered with Teslasuit to create a full-body, touch-sensitive suit. Player number 1, is that you?

So, dear reader, would you also be ready to immortalize your loved one through this innovative technology or do you think we should just leave them as a good memory?

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