Metaverso is the new market reality that will drive the activity of the insurance brokerage in Brazil |  SECS

Metaverso is the new market reality that will drive the activity of the insurance brokerage in Brazil | SECS

Fetransporte Brasil Conference 2022 shows a panel on this important technology that has already aroused the interest of insurers.

A topic that has been talked about and debated a lot in recent years is metavers. The figures are staggering: according to financial consultancy Grayscale, in 2020, from a community of 5,000 people, in just over a year the figure jumped to 50,000. But in the end, what is the metaverse and how does it affect the insurance industry? The concept comprises a new reality resulting from the integration between the real world and the virtual world.

In this universe, users can interact with each other at work, school, and social life. The aim is to get out of the role of observers of reality and be part of it. In 2021, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of one of the world’s largest organizations, Facebook, announced that the social network would be renamed “Meta.”

The insurance market has realized that this is an unprecedented digital revolution in history. A world where various technologies, such as 3D and artificial intelligence, would be a kind of extension of the Internet and the consequent boost of business. Some analysts point out that excellent Internet, especially 5G, will provide a better connection to the reality of metavers.

In addition, the broker should be familiar with blockchain. From the English “Block Chaining”, it is a tool that structures databases of records and distributed and shared data and has the function of creating a global index of all transactions that occur on the network, facilitating transparency and trust. between the insurer and your business. partners and customers. Experts consider this technology to be the greatest innovation since the creation of the Internet.

The most important event in the sector, Fetransporte Brasil Conference 2022 will have an exclusive panel on the second day of conferences. “Technology, trends and metavers: what to expect from the future of insurance?” will be debated by a trio of teachers on the subject – Thiago Soares, Denise Lima de Oliveira, Felipe Munhoes. A must-see panel where experts will show runners the opportunities that arise from metavers.

In addition to representing a paradigm shift for insurance companies, there is a possibility of differentiated technology performance for professionals on the horizon. With metavers, companies can design new products. Brazilian insurtechs are already preparing for this new reality. And the word innovation should guide market actions. The runner must be aware of this transformation scenario.

Event: Brazil Fetransporte Conference 2022
When: June 21-23, 2022, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m .;
Where: Online;

About Fetransporte Brasil Conference 2022

Considered the most important event in the transport insurance sector in Brazil, the Fetransporte Brasil Conference (FBC 2022) reaches its third edition with more than 25 hours of programming, with free registration and completely in a virtual environment. FBC 2022 is organized by Fetransporte Brasil, in collaboration with Educa Seguros.

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Fetransporte Brasil acts as a facilitator of the insurance market and the gear that accelerates business between the broker and the insurance company. The experience of more than 20 years is shown in the collaboration with more than 3 thousand runners, which consolidates Fetransporte Brasil as a technical reference for training, guidance and execution of transport insurance Fetransporte Brasil still has experience in negotiation , after sales and operational, including registration, claim and renewal.

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