Super fast charger for all leaks

Super fast charger for all leaks

(Mini-review) Kovol Sprint 140W: As you know, we already have some manufacturers of electronic devices that sell products without a charger in the box, a trend that began with the Samsung and with the applethat despite supporting fast charging technologies in the vast majority of their smartphones and watches, they decided not to “offer” the charger to the vast majority of their ranges.

An effort towards greater sustainability in the world of technology … (Who am I kidding? It was to save money!) A trend, like it or not, will eventually reach more manufacturers and more products.

Can you imagine buying a laptop and it comes with no charger in the box? It could happen in the very near future.

So, with the changing times, we have other companies trying to take advantage of the whole situation, as is the case Kovola small manufacturer, which recently bet big and ugly on the world of chargers GaN, great power. We are talking about chargers, capable of charging virtually every device in your home, at the speed promised by the original manufacturer.

What is a GaN charger?

Basically, GaN chargers are devices with gallium nitride in their composition. A more efficient semiconductor material with a much higher conductivity. This, in turn, allows you to produce more powerful, more efficient and, above all, smaller and lighter chargers.

For example, have you bought a Galaxy S22 Ultra and none of your home chargers are capable of up to 45 W? Well, here’s a great solution, which is even able to quickly charge two devices at once. In fact, during this testing period, this charger has been my best friend on the go, as I only need to grab this little “brick” to charge my laptop and my smartphone.

Do we do it step by step?

(Mini-review) Kovol 140W: a super fast charger for everything

So nowadays, the loading needs of any user, whether an enthusiast or a more casual user, are quite demanding.

It’s the tablet, it’s the laptop, it’s the smartphone, it’s the smartwatch or even the handheld console. Everything needs shipping, but not everything has this much needed utensil in your box. So you have to look for alternatives, and of course, the higher the speed, the better. After all, we no longer buy a charger for a particular product. We are buying for what we have now and what we will buy in the near future.

That is exactly why the Kovol GaN 140W is a very interesting alternative, for many users.

Design, portability and features

Therefore, weighing less than 300 g, with dimensions around 8.68 * 6.8 * 3.3 cm, and an extremely simple design, the charger Kovol 140W GaN (gallium nitride) it adapts to any narrow point and adapts to any environment.

Despite its power, it is significantly smaller than my current laptop charger, being only slightly larger than the charger I normally use on my travels. In short, all this saves a lot of space, because now I only need to carry a single charger for everything.

Specifications and features

  • 140 W PD i 18 W QC – This charger is capable of charging 56% of the 16-inch MacBook Pro 2021 battery in less than 30 minutes. Similarly, it is also capable of charging a Galaxy S22 Ultra at the speed of 45 W that Samsung promises. In principle, it is able to charge any smartphone at full speed, as it supports the most widely used industry standards. Of course, this includes the Xiaomi 12 Pro, which charges to 120 W.
  • PD 3.1, PPS and QC 3.0 – This charger already has the latest PD 3.1 technology, being able to achieve a maximum power of 28V / 140W, in many more devices, including laptops, smartphones, etc … In addition, we support more standards, so to be able to charge, to its maximum capacities, the great majority of the electronic devices of your house.
  • 2 USB ports charging at the same time – You can charge your laptop and smartphone at the same time. Or, of course, any other combination of appliances.
  • Load protection – Protection against overheating, short circuits and high energy efficiency.

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

Do you like to switch between USB ports and chargers for different devices? Well, here is a solution to your problem, in a small, beautiful and powerful QB package.


  • Charge two devices at once
  • small and light
  • Super fast
  • Intelligent energy optimization


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