THE BALL – Águila repeats the dose and is in the final (Futsal)

THE BALL – Águila repeats the dose and is in the final (Futsal)

Benfica beat Eléctrico 2-1 and qualified for the play-off finals of the national futsal championship.

Repeating the result achieved last Friday, in Ponte de Sor, the reds scored their place in the decisive match of the most important trophy on the national calendar, where they will face Sporting, in what will be another edition of the best derby Of the world. .

Ivan Chishkala gave the Eagles the lead, after just two minutes, in the only goal seen by the fans present at the Pavilhão da Luz throughout the first half.

In the complementary stage, those of the Alentejo reached the tie, in minute 26, by means of Peixinho, leaving in the air the uncertainty of what could happen until the end.

Pulpis’s players had a hard time on the waterlogged pitch – his trademark technique was nowhere in sight today. 2-1. .

Until the end, the team led by João Freitas Pinto still tried to reach at least the tie, with Russo already playing the role of forward goalkeeper, but André Sousa was imperial during the period in which Alentejo played in 5×4.

It is confirmed that the title will be played again in Lisbon, with Sporting and Benfica facing the final of the championship for the 15th time, the fourth in a row. The Lions, who defend the scepter they won last season, are the records of championships won (16), precisely twice those of Benfica (8).

Remember the movie in the game:

End of match! Benfica 2 Tram 1.

40 minutes: Afonso Jesús ends up.

Minute 40: Gustavo Rodrigues, twice in the same play, sees André Sousa denying him the goal.

40 minutes: Ivan Chishkala, with a shot in the back half, sends the ball to the left post of the Alentejo goal.

39 minutes: Russo, with everything to tie, ends in an arc, slightly on the left post of the goal of André Sousa.

Minute 37: Second free kick by Tram.

Just over three minutes before the end, Eléctrico opted to play in the 5×4, with Russo playing the role of forward goalkeeper.

Technical break requested by João Freitas Pinto, coach of Eléctrico.

Minute 36: Benfica scores! Ivan Chishkala i Rômulo made a great block, though. 2-1.

Minute 35: Yellow card for Matheus Kogikoski.

Minute 33: First foul committed by Tram.

Minute 33: Jacaré is shown a yellow card.

Minute 33: First foul committed by Benfica.

Minute 33: Jacaré’s cross shot and another stop by Diogo Basílio.

Minute 32: Robinho tries his luck again, from a distance, but Diogo Basílio continues to add stops with great effect.

Minute 31: Ygor Mota’s pass and Ferrugem’s shot for a safe intervention by André Sousa.

30 minutes: Robinho frontal shot, in the form of Diogo Basilio.

26 minutes: Tram scores! Great work from Hugo Neves and perfect assistance for Peixinho’s first shot. 1-1.

Minute 25: Jacaré finished off another good stop by Diogo Basílio.

24th minute: Matheus Kogikoski’s shot and Russo’s first shot, without dropping the ball, on the left post of the red goal.

24 minute: Hugo Neves crosses the ball to stop André Sousa.

Minute 24: pass of Alfonso Jesus and center of Arthur by an excellent intervention of Diogo Basílio.

Minute 24: Robinho’s great cut, preventing Ygor Mota’s shot from going to André Sousa’s goal.

Minute 23: Robinho, from afar, ends with another appeal from Diogo Basilio.

After 22 minutes, following yet another great corner, Rômulo knocked the ball to the limit of Diogo Basílio’s reach, who just couldn’t put it in the net.

21 minutes: strong shot by Ivan Chishkala for a tight stop by Diogo Basílio.

Start of the second part!

The Reds took the lead after 2 minutes, as a result of Ivan Chishkala’s awkward, but ultimately successful, shot from the right. In a very tactical match, where the two teams did not rhyme very loudly, the danger was not often around the goals of André Sousa and Diogo Basílio, but when they were called to intervene, the goalkeepers of Benfica and Eléctrico, respectively , they answered in the affirmative.

The quality is expected to improve during the second 20 minutes, not only because Benfica will want to resolve, once and for all, this tie to seal their presence in the play-off final, but also because Eléctrico will aim to prevent, precisely, this desideratum. , being, therefore, forced to win this afternoon, in Luz, to make the decision in the third party.

To break! Benfica 1 Tram 0.

Technical break requested by Pulpis, Benfica coach.

Minute 17: Third foul committed by Benfica.

Minute 16: Rômulo, after being asked by Rocha, has tried the hat to Diogo Basílio, but the ball has gone over the crossbar of the goal of the Alentejo.

Technical break requested by João Freitas Pinto, coach of Eléctrico.

Minute 14: Silvestre Ferreira’s cross was saved by Diogo Basílio.

Minute 12: Gustavo Rodrigues’s excellent long-range shot, not forgetting the impressive stop of André Sousa.

11 minutes: Yellow card for Pulpis, coach of Benfica, for protests.

11 minutes into the game, a swerving free kick by Hugo Neves almost resulted in the home team taking the lead, but the shot glanced harmlessly off the frame of the goal.

After 11 minutes, following yet another great corner, Rômulo i Rocha knocked the ball to the limit of Diogo Basílio’s reach, who just couldn’t put it in the net.

10 minutes: Russian shot, on the edge of the area, by side.

8 minutes: Third foul committed by Tram.

After 8 minutes, Matheus Kogikoski sent the corner kick right to André Sousa who headed it sharply past the keeper.

7 minutes into the match, the visitors’ central line of defense had to look on as Hugo Neves dashed through, knocking home 3 – 0 for André Sousa.

Minute 6: Free kick by Robinho and Iva Chishkala, with the right foot, shot for a good stop by Diogo Basílio.

6 minutes: Second foul committed by Tram.

Minute 6: Second foul committed by Benfica.

Minute 5: Arthur passes and Afonso Jesus, in the front area, tries his luck again, with the shot coming out slightly on the left post.

5 minutes: First foul committed by Benfica.

Minute 4: Assist by Nílson and Afonso Jesus, already inside the area, shot from a stop by Diogo Basílio.

4 minutes: First foul committed by Tram.

Minute 3: John Lennon, from a distance, shoots hard, but above the crossbar of André Sousa’s goal.

2 minutes: Benfica scores! Ivan Chishkala hits the ball on the volley with a shot for which the keeper, Diogo Basílio, has no answer. 1-0.

Start of the match!

Electric (initial five): Diogo Basilio, Rust, rus ÇJohn Lennon and Ygor Mota

Substitutes: André Correia, Alexey Popovich, Matheus Kogikoski, Gustavo Rodrigues, Peixinho, Hugo Neves and Daniel Airoso

Coach: João Freitas Pinto

Benfica (starting five): André Sousa, Nílson, Robinho ÇIvan Chishkala and Rocha

Substitutes: Martim Figueira, Silvestre Ferreira, Rômulo, Afonso Jesus, Arthur, Rafael Henmi, Carlos Monteiro and Jacaré

Coach: pulp

Referees: Pedro Costa (AF Coimbra) and Eduardo Coelho (AF Aveiro)

There are already teams!

Jorge Braz, national coach, is at the Pavilhão da Luz to watch this Benfica – Tram live. The national coach, remember, had already been present at the João Rocha Pavilion, in the early hours of this Sunday afternoon, to follow the incidents of Sporting – Fundão.

In the Alentejo squad, Célio Coque is once again left out of João Freitas Pinto’s squad, as the young winger is on loan from Benfica to Eléctrico.

On the red side, Diego Roncaglio, Tayebi and Bruno Cintra are not included in Pulpis’ options, while Silvestre Ferreira and Rômulo return to the Spanish coach’s squad.

In the second round, however, the Eagles prevailed, in a match of the 15th day, held on January 2, 2022, in Luz, with the victory of the team led by Pulpis by 5-3.

The emblem of the Alentejo will therefore do everything in its power to tie these semifinals, postponing the decision of the black team. Also, remember, winning Benfica will not be a novelty for Eléctrico this season: on October 16, 2021 the 2nd day of the regular season was played, the team led by João Freitas Pinto won Benfica (3 -1).

Remember that the Reds have an advantage in the playoffs, as they won the first match, 2-1, held last Friday, at the Ponte de Sor Sports Hall.

Benfica host Eléctrico this afternoon (5pm) in the second match of the semi-finals of the national futsal championship play-off, which will take place at the Pavilhão da Luz in Lisbon. BOLA online will follow the game step by step and count on you, dear reader. Come with us, it’s part of our initial five …

Good night!


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