The game ‘Heroes of Metaverse’ raises R $ 14 million, Reserva distributes NFT for free and Livia Elektra helps women enter the market

The game ‘Heroes of Metaverse’ raises R $ 14 million, Reserva distributes NFT for free and Livia Elektra helps women enter the market

NFTs have not been immune to the general fall in the cryptocurrency market, and the devaluation has already reached the so-called “blue chip” collections, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), CryptoPunks and Moonbirds. .

The downturn in the market, however, has not prevented or discouraged Brazilian creators in the sector from continuing to work. New projects in the gaming and metavers sector, collectibles and photography are among the highlights of the national non-consumable token scene.

Heroes of the Metavers

Designed by Prota Games, the NFT game “Heroes of Metaverse” grossed BRL 14 million in an investment round with the participation of Iporanga Ventures, Big Bets and Class 5 Global, and also included the participation of individual investors.

“Heroes of Metaverse” is scheduled for release in October and will feature mobile devices as a preferred platform, although it will also be accessible via computers. It is a game based on an open universe in which players evolve according to their abilities.

To be successful in their journey, players will have the recourse to use weapons and other NFT-based items. During the pre-sale phase, Prota Games raised BRL 4.5 million in 24 hours by selling game-related collectibles.

In addition to being used to increase player skills, NFTs can also be traded in the secondary market. However, Santiago Blanco, CEO and co-founder of Prota Games, points out in a report published by NeoFeed, it is not just another game. play to winin which players are rewarded according to certain tasks and overcoming challenges:

“The focus is on asset tokenization and the game economy, not on people who play just to make money.”

The “Heroes of the Metaverse” will be be able to play free. That is, players will not have to make an initial investment to play, but obviously NFTs help increase their chances of success in the game. In order to reduce barriers to game adoption, NFTs can be purchased with a credit card.

Just to sell items in the secondary market, players will need to use a digital wallet to connect to it markets in which transactions can be made, explains Blanco.

Prota Games currently has a team of 42 professionals dedicated to the development of “Heroes of Metaverse” and the funds raised in the recent round of investment will be used in part to hire 18 additional employees.

New Reserve NFTs collection

This Tuesday, the 14th, Reserva will distribute a new NFT collection free of charge to owners of non-expendable tokens of “Pistol Birds”, the first collection launched by the Rio de Janeiro brand, inspired by the bird that is its brand. .

The spin-off will be titled “Birds Series Collection”, And will present three new birds. Owners of the original “Pistol Birds” will receive the new NFTs based on the amount of collectible items they own.

The three new birds are divided into “Forest Birds”, which will be distributed among the owners of 1 “Pistol Bird”; “Papeete Birds”, which will be intended for those with two or more “Pistol Birds”; and “Birds Collector”, for collectors who have at least one NFT of each type of original “Pistol Birds” (Wild, Wild, Electra, Pop, Skull and Bird-o-Tron).

The NFTs for the new collection are due to be exchanged between June 15 and 20. Mint is free, and collectors eligible for the new Reserva download are responsible for the cost of transaction fees, according to the guidelines available on the ReservaX website, an arm dedicated to the metavers of the Rio de Janeiro brand.

ReservaX’s new NFT collection promises even more benefits to investors. Each NFT will give its owner access to the brand’s exclusive channel at Discord, a store with exclusive products, pre-sales and releases.

The Reserve’s new NFT collection offers a number of additional benefits to “Birds Series Collection“: Early access to brand launches, exclusive products and exclusive Discord channel from ReservaX.

Photographer Livia Elektra supports creators to increase market share

The proportion of women in the NFT market is still small: an ArtTactic survey last year showed that women accounted for only 5% of the marketable volume of non-consumable tokens and had only a 16% share of the total creators.

Thus, the Brazilian photographer Livia Elektra can be considered one of the rare exceptions to break this circle of privileges that still belongs to men not only in the NFT market, but in the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

Now, she has joined nine more creators to launch EVE NFT, a project to empower and encourage women to take action and invest in the cryptocurrency industry. The goal of Livia and her partners is to help reduce this chasm that separates men and women in this new environment that combines art, technology and financial investment, as explained in a report by Universa UOL:

“We are still a long way from having that balance between men and women. They are still the vast majority. We are a minority when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies. So as soon as there is this technology that depends on cryptocurrency, the Women are already at a disadvantage.This technology is starting now, so now is the time to get together to get ahead or go face to face with men.The more women we bring now, in a few years we will not have so much difference and power get what we want in the future We want to show that to invest in cryptocurrency you do not need your husband, you do not need a boy, whoever you are.

“Metaverse could be a powerful alternative to using antidepressants and other drugs in the treatment of mental disorders,” says Deepak Chopra.

Considered by the NFTPhotographers platform as one of the 109 best photographers in the world to explore this new media format, the Brazilian was invited by the NFT project “World of Woman”, Code Green and Vinci Airports to exhibit her work in more than 20 airports . around the world, along with 22 other emerging artists from the non-consumable witness scene.

Next Monday, the 20th, his work will be shown on a big screen in Times Square, New York, USA, along with other photographers selected by NFTPhotografers.

As Cointelegraph Brazil recently reported, despite recent sales affecting all sectors of the cryptocurrency industry, the NFT market moved $ 3.7 billion in May, according to data from the decentralized application monitoring platform Dapp Radar .


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