The partnership between The Weekend and Binance will lead to new NFTs

The partnership between The Weekend and Binance will lead to new NFTs

An unprecedented partnership between The Weekend and Binance has been announced. The joint action will revolve around the singer’s new tour, titled “After Hours Til Dawn”. Access to non-consumable tokens, NFT commemorative, is the great novelty of this association.

The partnership between The Weekend and Binance will lead to new NFTs
The partnership between The Weekend and Binance will lead to new NFTs. (Image: Flickr)

In theory, an official collection of exclusive products for the tour will be launched. In this sense, the campaign decided to present to viewers who purchase virtual tickets with access to NFT commemorative. This will be the first world tour to use cryptocurrency technology to enhance the fan experience.

For this reason, Binance decided to partner with the HXHOUSE community of creative entrepreneurs, to later launch the collection of exclusive NFTs, with their respective access, virtual tickets, as well as offering other unique experiences to consumers.

“Binance is about community, people and inclusion. I was impressed by the approach they give to their users and the cutting edge innovation. It makes a lot of sense that we work together and I can’t wait for fans to experience cryptography in a “There are so many possibilities with crypto at the same time that they support a good cause. I think this is just the beginning,” said the singer.


Earlier this year, The Weeknd was named World Food Program (WFP) Goodwill Ambassador and launched the XO Humanitarian Relief Fund. As a result, Binance also announced a $ 2 million donation to the fund; the partnership will also generate an NFT collection that will set aside 5% of sales to XO Humanitarian.

Although Binance US will only sponsor the event in the United States, Binance is responsible for global sponsorship. The “After Hours Till Dawn” tour begins in July 2022, but The Weeknd is expected to return to Brazil only in 2023.

NFT in the world of music

This is not the first time NFTs have entered the music world. Milton Nascimento’s farewell tour, entitled “The Last Music Session”, scheduled for July, brings a big surprise. The singer will enter the world of digital assets with the release of an NFT, a non-fungible token.

The NFT published by Milton Nascimento comes from a design drawn by hand by the singer himself. The art depicts the Sierra de Três Pontas, located in the southern region of Minas Gerais. The engraving was made by the acclaimed Bituca when he was still a child.

It is important to note that each testimonial is unique, consisting of a digital signature that guarantees the authorship and exclusivity of this unique art worldwide. The token released by the singer will offer a number of benefits to shoppers, who will be gradually launched through the NFT Ticket Pass during the “The Last Music Session” tour.

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