The study predicts a metaverse progression similar to mobile technology

The study predicts a metaverse progression similar to mobile technology

You will still hear a lot about the metavers. More than that: it will be there. At least that’s what a study by Analysis Group, one of the world’s largest economic consulting firms, predicts. The projection is that interactions in this virtual world, which replicates reality through digital devices, should progress just like mobile technology. In other words, in the not-too-distant future, having an avatar on your computer might be as common as having a cell phone today.

The study also projects the impact this will have on the global economy in the coming years. By 2031, the metaverse is expected to move $ 3 trillion a year, which should account for 2.8% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

In Latin America, according to the report entitled “The Potential Global Economic Impact of the Metaverse”, metaverse-related activities could then account for $ 320 billion, a share of 5% of the continent’s GDP. Technology is the main focus of Meta, the company that owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, for years to come.

“We were amazed to see that more than 100 million people in Latin America use augmented reality effects every month, which is a reflection of the vibrant community of creators that exists in Latin America, with thousands of them using Spark AR to develop “Effects for Instagram and Facebook,” Visav Shah Metaverse vice president Vishal Shah said in a press release.

From Monday, the 23rd, the company celebrates the Meta Summit Latam, a series of events focused on innovation and creativity on the road to metavers. One of the news already presented for Brazil, and also for Argentina and Colombia, was the launch of 3D Avatars to users of Instagram, Facebook and Messenger.

The function had already been launched in North America. With it, users will be able to create their own characters to interact in the metavers, customizing appearance details such as body, face, hair and clothing.

“Your culture must not only be present in the metavers, but also a true representation of yourself. That’s why you need some way to express yourself and be present. Avatars are key to allowing this.” , says Maxine Williams, vice president. Goal Diversity President.

Tips of the week

Staying focused on your daily tasks can be a challenge in the face of the variety of distractions that your smartphone offers. A study by digital market analysis company App Annie indicates that Brazilians spent, on average, 5 hours a day in front of their mobile phones in 2021. To reduce usage and be more productive, the first step is to know your user profile. The good news is that some apps can help with this process. Check it out below.

This app is a screen time tracker that helps to control mobile addiction through some features like application usage limiter, distraction blocker and alerts when the user exceeds the limits. The proposal is to increase digital well-being and reduce waste of time.

Another app that keeps track of smartphone usage time and creates alerts to remind the user that it’s time to pause. The app provides detailed reports on daily device usage and allows the user to create their own goals to reduce screen time.

The proposal of the application is to help the user to maintain the balance between mobile and life, get rid of addiction to the screen. One feature is “focus mode”, which pauses distracting applications. The application also automatically detects those applications that blur to alert the user.


Attractive young businesswoman working in the car with a cup of coffee and holding the phone while going to work.

Nubank, Brazil’s fintech giant, announced its entry into the cryptocurrency sector, with the investment of 1% of Nu Holdings’ capital in bitcoin, which represents approximately R $ 140 million. Fintech will now offer its customers the opportunity to buy bitcoin and ether, the two largest cryptocurrencies in the world, on the platform. The service has already started to be offered gradually and the whole base is expected to have access to this type of investment by the end of June. For the company, entering this market reinforces the principle of expanding access to cryptocurrencies and “eliminating the complexity” of such transactions.

Netflix is ​​expected to maintain its position as the most popular streaming service until at least 2026, according to a survey by UK data firm Omdia. The poll, published by the American portal Deadline, estimates that by 2026, Netflix will have 260 million subscribers worldwide, compared to 240 million Disney +. The study reveals that Netflix is ​​still strong, even after losing 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of this year. It also reveals that Disney +, despite its rapid growth, should take some time to reach the top.

Attractive young businesswoman working in the car with a cup of coffee and holding the phone while going to work.

Uber announced this week that it will now request a “selfie” (face photo) for those requesting a cash-paid trip. The initiative aims to prevent scams and ensure more safety for drivers. The tool, called “U-selfie”, will only record the image, which will not be shared with the driver. This record must be kept on the company’s servers, available to the authorities in case of need.

YouTube said it had already removed 70,000 videos and suspended 9,000 channels related to the Ukrainian war. The company told the British newspaper The Guardian that the suspensions were for violating the policy of “major violent events”. Removed channels include journalists linked to Russian President Vladimir Putin and accounts related to Russia’s defense and foreign ministries.

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