These metavers-related positions should be the “ball of the day” for years to come

These metavers-related positions should be the “ball of the day” for years to come

O metavers it has it all and the trend is for it to keep growing. It allows a lot of interaction and can change the way you work with the emergence of new professions.

These metaverse-related positions should be the
These metavers-related roles should be the “big ball” for years to come (Image: FDR)

It is good to be familiar with the term “metavers” as it is becoming more and more present. Companies like Microsoft, Apple, Nike, Disney, Renner and Itaú they have already expressed their interest in entering this world.

The expectation is that this technology will change some social dynamics, such as jobs.

In addition, there are also projections of high financial movement, according to Goldman Sachs, the metaverse already represents a $ 8 trillion investment opportunity.

New professions in the metavers

“Our professional lives will change dramatically in the virtual world known as metavers. If your organization waits too long to plan a metavers strategy, it may be too late. That’s why it’s so important for companies to have a future competency plan. and for individuals to rethink and improve their skills for the future. “ he wrote to Addeco in an article available on his portal.

Addeco, a world leader in human resource solutions, also listed 9 professions that should be born because of the metavers until 2030; query:

Clothing Designers 1.Avatar

The possibility of existing as an avatar in a virtual world will make people look for something to wear.

2. Data bounty hunters

In addition to legal knowledge, these professionals must also have some type of data mining skills to help users protect their data.

3. Metahuman doctors

If this is to be a space that simulates real life, medicine must also be present, in which case medical knowledge must be associated with the digital sciences.

After all, our biometric and physiological data must be associated with our avatars.

4. Architects Builders

Other professionals who need to be inserted in this world to help in the construction of the image of the virtual environment.

5. Event managers

A very interesting possibility is the realization of events such as concerts and exhibitions, understanding the reality of events associated with the virtual world will make this professional necessary.

6. Scientific researcher

This position will require a combination of knowledge and skills.

Such as software engineering, computer engineering, game development, data science, machine learning, computer vision, deep learning, and big data engineering.

7. Ecosystem developer

Its functions include sizing and bringing to life the possibilities of metavers; in addition, it must also ensure that the infrastructure is in place and will have to convince the government of the functionality of the metavers.

8. Security Manager

Privacy, which is the central word in the virtual world and must be guaranteed to users by these professionals.

9. Hardware Creator

Headphones, cameras, sensors: these are the new tools that we will all have to adopt and adapt progressively, and these will be the ones in charge of creating them.

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