Web3 Platform, Exclusible, launches NFT luxury penthouses at Spatial

Web3 Platform, Exclusible, launches NFT luxury penthouses at Spatial

This follows the success of their Private Islands and Luxury Villa developments at The Sandbox, both sold out earlier this year.

The Web3 Exclusive platform was launched in August 2021 as a non-consumable (NFT) token market and added a vertical of luxury metaverse properties earlier this year. The investment resources of his Alpha NFT genesis collection ran out in 48 hours and generated 570 Ether (ETH) of revenue, and Exclusible bought land in the metavers The Sandbox, where he built luxury villas and islands private.

Notable buyers included professional footballers Marco Verratti and Kingsley Coman and Swiss tennis player Stan Wawrinka.

The latest company includes 3,000 NFT-exclusive luxury penthouses, launched Saturday on the photorealistic metavers Spatial.

The 500-square-meter virtual spaces feature large conference and reception areas, short film or live broadcast rooms, rooms with super-king-size beds, terraces surrounded by dance floors and jacuzzis, and a helicopter heliport.

The exclusive luxury penthouses come in five different versions, with cabins with panoramic views of Paris, Miami, Las Vegas, New Caledonia and Dubai. Buyers can expect future uses: the heliport, for example, will allow space travel.

NFT Luxury Penthouse owners can invite up to 50 people to participate with Ready Player Me avatars, which can be customized with images hanging from users’ faces. A live preview feature such as a bubble floating above each avatar’s head is also available.

Another utility for roofing is the NFT gallery of each, where owners can display their wallets, from the Bored Apes Yacht Club to CryptoPunks, as virtual works of art hanging on the wall. One click shows the OpenSea details of each.

“The beauty of these penthouses is that they have versatile use cases,” said Olivier Bureau, co-founder of Exclusible, which listed their potential for anything from movie nights and football games with friends to to unconventional meeting places for companies, communities and decentralized autonomous organizations. . “You can play live content or share your screen while easily chatting with each other and watching your avatars move through space.”

“Artists can display their digital art, brands can decorate the space according to their appearance, and NFT collectors can hang their most prestigious tiles on the walls,” he said, adding that NFT luxury could become a cost-effective solution for the metavers headquarters. brands.

LinkedIn Exclusive survey results show that 38% of stakeholders are consultants, brands and agencies, 25% are individuals, 16% are NFT collectors and 10% are professional investors. The top three participating nationalities, visible through more than 24,000 wallets registered on the pre-mention page at the time of writing, are users from the United States, Singapore, and Japan.

“We also have interest from very wealthy buyers – big banks and some celebrities,” the Office said.

Although he declined to give names for confidentiality reasons, he cited a media house seeking to host a team-building event, a cryptocurrency fund planning a launch presentation for investors, and a famous podcast duo. willing to invite guests and host podcasts on metavers.

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