What to expect from the Xbox Series X / S racing game

What to expect from the Xbox Series X / S racing game

The new “Forza Motorsport” is in the oven and will arrive in 2023. The game marks the debut of the “Motorsport” variant in the Xbox Series X / S generation, in addition to the PC. Last year was the turn of “Horizon 5”, which has a very different twist.

That’s because “Forza Motorsport” focuses on closed-circuit racing and not the open world, like the “Horizon” series games. Also, simcade-style “FM”, which is a hybrid between simulator and arcade. That is, it is not as complex as “Assetto Corsa” or as mundane as “Need For Speed” and “Forza Horizon”, which are purely arcade.


But what can we expect from the new “Forza Motorsport”? We’ve broken down the videos released by Microsoft, which reveal some pretty interesting nuances.

1 – The engine is not horizon

First, separate the wheat from the chaff. “Motorsport” and “Horizon” have different proposals. When Microsoft released “Forza Motorsport”, its strategy was to offer the original Xbox a competitor equal to “Gran Turismo 4”.

Thus, it is a game focused on more realistic driving, with physical effects closer to a simulator, but it would also be attractive to those who just wanted to accelerate great cars in a casual way.

force motorsport 2023 xbox series x 2
“Forza Motorsport” has a more similar footprint to simulators

The game offers challenges with different levels of difficulty, which require a bit of dedication on the part of the player. It’s great to see how the dynamic behavior of each car is different depending on its engineering characteristics. On the same track, in the same curve, a car with front-wheel drive behaves differently from a model with rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. It’s a realism that “Forza” always applies to their games.

“Horizon” came to the Xbox 360 generation to compete with “Need For Speed.” It is an open world game that allows you to “ignore” the laws of physics. In this franchise, the player does not have to worry about entering a curve correctly and what will be the cost of performance in an imperfect tangent.

On the contrary. In this game the player leaves the track with a Lamborghini and behaves like a Hummer H1 in the middle of the forest. The important thing is to expand the list of cars and face countless challenges.

Thus, we can say that “Forza Motorsport” will come to satisfy the desires of a more precise and less “party” driving.

2 – X Series Graphics

The graphics are one of the highlights of the eighth edition of “Forza Motorsport”. The game should explore the full potential of the Xbox Series X / S, especially in the more powerful version, the X, capable of running the game at 4K resolution.

Shadows, reflections, smoke, rain and dust were already impressive in past editions. Now everything is even more refined.

But the most important thing will be the application of Ray Tracing technology to the game. It is a feature that is able to adjust the projection of light according to the position of the eyes of the observer.

Forza Motorsport 2023 Xbox Series X6
The reflections are distorted as in reality thanks to the use of the ray tracing

Thus, a reflection on the body would change not only with the movement of the car, but also when turning the camera that simulates the vision of the player. Just like when the reflection projected on a glass is distorted when we move our head and keep looking at it.

It stands out for the dams that show a river next to the track, in which you can clearly understand what technology represents in visual quality. But the question remains: will all this be in the final game or is it another of those shows that only exist in promotional videos?

This is because applying Ray Tracing perfectly will require a lot of Xbox, as it absurdly increases the volume of data to be processed and at high speed. But from the video of the game, what was shown is really impressive, for the high level of realism.

But history shows us that what is advertised is not always what is delivered. When “Gran Turismo 7” debuted, many people were busy unveiling how reflections on cars were projected, in the PS5 edition. Someone discovered a pattern that showed generic, undistorted reflections.

Technically, do you know what this will change in your riding? Anything. But it will make the game more beautiful in front of your eyes.

3 – Climate and dynamic weather

The videos made by producer Turn 10 offer a very interesting sample of all that the game has to offer. Dynamic time and the passage of time are part of the package.

This means that during a race it may start to rain in one part of the track and not in another. Just like a storm falls and then the sun shines again. The same goes for time. The race can start with high sun and end in the dark. “GT7” already offers these nuances.

Forza Motorsport 2023 Xbox Series X3
The change of time and the passage of time promise to make the game more difficult

Unlike reflections and graphic refinements, these features affect the player experience. Because the wet track changes the grip of the tires and requires more caution when driving or even changing the compound. The accelerated passage of time also interferes with visibility, especially when braking reference points disappear. But these are not new. “Project CARS 2 has been doing all this since 2017.

4 – Force Cars

Every good racing game should have a respectable list of cars. “Forza” has always stood out for its good “healing”. The new game in the series will be no different.

About 30 models were shown in the videos produced for the ad that will be in play. It’s a misery compared to the more than 400 cars in “Gran Turismo 7,” but it’s just a preview of the game’s garage.

Forza Motorsport 2023 Xbox Series X5
Bold from various eras are part of the list of the eighth game in the series

Brands like Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Ferrari, Honda, Lamborghini and McLaren are there. In addition to legendary cars such as the legendary DBR1 (which gave Carroll Shelby its victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1959) and the GT40 Mk II, built by Texan for the 1966 race, make up the list.

But some cars like the BMW M8 GTE and the new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (C8), as well as the superb Koenigsegg Jesko, are striking. In other words, there will be no shortage of reasons to face the challenges and catch the snappers.

Damage and wear to Forza Motorsport

The game will also improve the effects of damage. According to the producers, the blows and collisions cause deformations according to the point of impact and not a “standard” tooth. But from the videos, it will not be this time that the car will be torn to pieces. The car may collide with full force and will only scratch.

The game is also expected to evolve in terms of wear. Overheating of the brakes, bald tires and other factors can be checked, depending on how the player drives the car. In “GT7” these settings compromise the performance of the car.

5 – Forza Clues

Turn 10 produced two videos to show the features of the game, as well as some of the cars. However, there is not much information about clues.

Most of the dams were taken from the Napa Valley track, which is the original of the game. However, it has been verified that the circuits of Spa Francorchamps and Laguna Seca are at stake, as well as sections of a route that seems to be from Mugello.

The three actual tracks are already part of “Forza Motorsport 7”. In the 2017 game, there are 32 circuits. Let’s see if all of them are repeated, or if the application of new features like Ray Tracing can reduce the list.

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